Wednesday, June 30, 2010



So today was jam packed with a long list of things to do. Getting home at 4am and then waking up at 8am didn't exactly help either. We had Caden again today, probably not a wise decision on MY part, but we couldn't really change it either. Then cake delivery at 11am, lunch with Emily at 11:50am til 12:30pm, guests arriving at 1pm...I'm surprised we made it through the day honestly! Also with all the stuff to do Caden didn't get a nap which meant a VERY fussy baby for us. SO stressful.

Loosie's cake turned out wonderful

She was very happy to eat it...

Rachel and Jordan practiced their parenting skills

and then we made the lovely journey to...well Journeys in the 5th Ave mall for me to do some paperwork which took much to long but it's okay because I officially start their the 12th of July and managed to get Drex's birthday off :)
(and found out I'm NOT taking a paycut, and can wear jeans! WHOO!)

From there we decided we were all STARVING so we split up (Rach in my car, Jordan in Drex's) and ventured to Mooses Tooth. (And Rach and I only got a tiny bit lost!) We waited for an hour, which ended up being okay cus it was pretty outside and we got to just chat, and then ate some delicious food, and of course took a picture in the bathroom.

Drex and I also made a new rule for each's called the 'No cellphone rule unless I am at work, or anyone not near him' And when we ARE together we switch cell phones so neither of us can be super distracted. This is mostly for me, since I have a recent addiction to checking Facebook every 5 seconds on my phone, which ultimately leads to me ignoring him, and him getting upset, and not saying anything, which slowly but surely causes division in our relationship.

*note this is only for apps and does not include taking calls or texting haha we still get to communicate with other people :)

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