Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Back to work...

I love going back to work, where I haven't been for 16 days, and having my manager greet me with a giant hug and a "I missed you sooo much!". It makes the whole having to go to work thing a lot less miserable.

Before the summer arrived, and school actually ended, I said that this summer would be all about family. It definitely has been, and I'm loving it. Today Drex and I went to lunch with Emily (Drexs' oldest sister) and her baby Caden.

What a cutie right? He's getting so big, I swear he's grown every time I've seen him! He's a very good baby though. He's quiet, and smiles when you look at him, and sleeps during car rides. The lunch itself was delicious (Mexican food yum yum!), and being able to just spend time with Drex and his family is rewarding all in itself.

The plan for Milo and Otis (or maybe Lord of War?) with Drex, eat pizza bites, and snuggle. Thank goodness for summer :)

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