Friday, June 25, 2010


Losing what you never really had...

I have been hesitant to blog about things that do not directly involve me, I don't want to be sharing gossip to the world, when really and truly it is no ones business. But today I am going to blog about something that doesn't directly involve me, because It is on my mind.

The drama involving Emily, Dan, Mason, and Caden could take a year to explain. Especially since it only seems to escalate. It is Dan and Emily against each other...which sometimes gets in the way of the kids, and what is best for them. Something I believe occured this morning during the most recent trial.

It seems to be Emily gets a restraining against Dan for her son (though he is also Dan's son), Then Dan will get a restraining order against Emily for his son. (Mason). Exactly what happened this morning. Emily was fighting the restraining order Dan was attempting to get to prevent Emily from EVER seeing Mason, but sometimes fighting isn't enough. Especially since Emily has no rights to Mason since he is strictly Dan's son and not hers in anyway aside from marriage which is now ended. Dan won this trial...meaning Emily cannot have any contact with Mason whatsoever.

Have you ever had that feeling where you really honestly think everyone needs to get over themselves and think of the kids. FIRST and foremost. I feel like the whole restraining order is such (forgive my language) bullshit. It doesn't help Caden, and it doesn't help Mason. It doesn't honestly do any good for anyone. But i suppose that's divorce for you. I miss Mason, I even miss Dan. But not in a "I love Dan so much" way, but i miss them being a family.

Mason and I last summer

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