Monday, June 7, 2010


Oh my dearest blog, I am home.

It has never been so nice to be in the comfort of my house, my puppies, and my family. You never realize just how much you love, care for, and need someone until you've been without them for some sort of time. I love being able to walk into my parents room, sit on the bed, and just talk to my mom. I love hearing my familys' stupid jokes, and stories of what they did while I was gone. I love being able to talk to my sister, to make plans, to drive her places, to buy her snacks. I have been blessed with such an amazing family.

Today I hiked flattop. Okay not really, it was more of a walk a little ways and have a picnic. But it was on flattop :) The air is so much more fresh here, and the coolness is so refreshing. I love my home state :)

Also I'm in the process of re-painting my room. Lime green to dark teal! Quite the difference :) but that's the plan for tomorrow. Paint with Drex, blare loud music, and order pizza. Yum yum sounds like a great day to me!

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