Monday, December 20, 2010

The secret

I had a friend ask me earlier today how Drex and I have managed to stay together so long, and still maintain a strong relationship. (Obviously we aren't always happy but overall we are.) I've had a lot of boyfriends....(oh confessions) and I've liked most of them quite a lot, so i wouldn't say it's because I like Drex the best, (I do obviously but I think there's more to it than that).

So, anyways, this question got me thinking. I mean we all want to know how to make relationships last and flourish for as long as possible right? I can pin point two things that I believe have helped us last so long.

1.) We don't do awkward.

-I remember at the very beginning of our relationship we told each other we "don't do awkward". A lot of people find it weird and shocking that Drex and I can talk about bathroom habits or fart in front of each other but it all goes back to not being awkward around each other. It means we can share things that some may deem inappropriate, or even have awkward conversations, but we get over it and just move on. It's been extremely helpful. Who knew adding a little bathroom talk could make your relationship awesome?! :P

2.) No secrets.

-I think this is the biggest thing. We tell each other everything. We're brutally honest with each other, and though it may cause arguments or hurt feelings, it makes us stronger.

Obviously, I'm no relationship expert, but hey I'm just babbling on, but that's what blogging is for...right?