Sunday, June 27, 2010


It's raining, It's pouring...

It decided to rain today. Sadly, when it rains in Alaska, it rains all day. That's one thing I love about the Lower 48, the rain is hard, loud, and over quickly! Drex and I took our chances and walked around the Sunday Market, a very wet experience...

The rest of the day was relaxing...came home and napped for a few hours (I was exhausted for reasons unknown to me!) and then played with the dogs.

Later in the evening Drex and I met up with Rachel and Jordan and had some dinner at Red Robin. As usual the food was delicious, and the drinks were bottomless. Something you just HAVE to take advantage of when dining there. Hanging out and talking to them was a lot of fun. I also really like Jordan, he's quiet, but only because he doesn't find the need to talk for no reason other than talking (a lot like Drex) but he's really nice, and Rachel and Him get along very well :)

I had to use my awesome convincing tactics to get Rachel to take a picture with me.

After the lovely photography, I saw one of those Photo Booth type things and got really excited and convinced Drex to do one with me. (He wasn't exactly thrilled by any means)

We eventually came back home, and nestled into bed to watch Green Zone (semi-boring movie with Matt Damon in it). I've been having these weird fears of a giant earthquake hitting Alaska...and the thought scares the living hell out of me. So tonight I get Loosie, because obviously furry little puppies make everything so much better :)

(plus I hear dogs can sense earthquakes coming? I'm hoping she'll let me know!)

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