Saturday, June 12, 2010


Last night after work, Drex and I drove out to my Uncles' Cabin, located about two hours outside of Anchorage, which is where we're staying this weekend.

I have always loved it here. I feel the freedom of peacefulness here. I love the simplicity of life. Waking up, throwing whatever on, walking downstairs to your family, and just hanging out outside the whole day. When I'm here, I find I do not worry, or get anxious. I breathe easier, I smile more. I feel like myself.

I love it even more when I get to share it with Drex. He's been here twice before. Once last summer he came, though he did not stay at the cabin but at his sisters, and he came last winter, where he stayed at the cabin. This time, He's staying at the cabin again (since his sister no longer lives out here). It still bewilders me to see how much of a part of the family Drex is. He gets along perfectly with my parents and sister, my aunt, uncle and cousin. He never has to pretend to be better than he is to impress them, because he's already perfect.

I'm happy to be here with everyone I love. I'm also happy that work just happened to give me Saturday and Sunday off. So time to enjoy this weekend and relax, because when I get back, classes start, and so does working.

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