Friday, May 7, 2010


Blogging from the iPhone!

Well here I am, sitting on the floor of a movie theatre waiting to get into Iron Man 2. Oh gosh I feel like such a boy. I'm also craving an ICEE, which is quite unfortunate due to the sad fact that I am pretty much broke. (aside from vacation money which is...well vacation money) Today was one of those really good days. (aside from school but even that wasn't miserbale)

Drex, Dest, Rach, and I got taco king (best Mexican food ever!) and sat in the sunshine talking and laughing at all sorts of things. It's nice to have a boyfriend that is willing to hangout with you and your girlfriends, I thanked him about a bazillion times for that :) Then due to the awesome fact that I got my provisional off, I got to drive Dest home all by myself! It was quite the experience, including lots of wrong turns :)

I drove back to Drex's humble abode and played Halo (I, of course, won). Then we went and cuddled on the bluff in the sunshine. It was like the start of our relationship all over again :) I love that boy oh so much.

Anyways, now it's off to iron man. We'll see how great this movie ends up being. Let's hope for the best :)

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