Saturday, May 1, 2010


Today I start my project. I've attempted to start it twice now, but have failed both times. This time though, I plan to do it. So...wish me luck and here I go.

Drex and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary today. Talk about crazy! A whole year stuck with one person! No, it's been a blast. And the funny thing is, I'm still completely and crazily in love with him. I began my day alone sadly, marching off much to early in the morning to take the dreaded SATs. Soon enough I finished though, and Drex greeted me with flowers and new Danskos! (SO comfy!) It was lunch from there, and then a lovely walk on the beach. (Well the only thing Alaska has that kind of resembles a beach.) Then a nice dinner, and a movie. Talk about the best way to spend a Saturday right? Speaking of dinner, it's time for me to go get ready! Day 1 down, only 364 more to go! :)

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