Thursday, May 6, 2010


Today was one of those not so exciting days. My day summed up into four simple words: school, dog park, Mooses tooth, and college profile. Awesome right? Talk about average. But honestly an average day is a good one nowadays. My days seem so filled with events and things to do, so one day to literally do nothing is like heaven :)

We took Loosie to the dog park again today. This time though she got to go with her new friend Riley! (Riley is Destinee's puppy) We've been trying to get them together for awhile but today just seemed like the perfect day with Dest and I both not working. It's funny how i feel the best at a dog park. Just that feeling of freedom. Dog's don't judge you. As long as you throw the ball in the right direction they'll go get it. I wish life was more like that; just a matter of throwing the ball the right way and then walking to retrieve it. (Though Loosie isn't a big fan of actually bringing the ball back, she's more of a 'yeah I'll run after it, but you get to go get it.')We love her though. I don't know how we couldn't love her. She gives us all the love in the world. She also helps bring Drex and I together when one of us is all grumpy. It's ridiculous how easy a dog can make you smile. If only she knew how thankful we are for her. Drex might be there to hold me while I cry, but little Loosie is there to lick the tears away; now that's true love :)

There are some days when I feel like I'm missing out by being in a serious relationship. But then I remind myself, there is nothing in this world better than being loved. Sure my days are spent with him, and sure he's not really into getting his nails done (though I did convince him once to get a pedicure), or going shopping for hours. But he's my best friend, and just being with him is more rewarding than any of those things. (Though my nails aren't pretty at the end of the day :p) I'm in love, and therefor not missing out on a thing. So thank you Drex, for bringing my a million smiles and making each day complete. You're the sunshine that warms me on my cloudy days :)

(yes yes, i know it's so cliche! But hey, it's true!)

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