Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Oh my dearest blog, where has my motivation gone?

I leave for Disney World in two days (YAY!) and still have SO much to do. I have an extremely messy room to clean, a giant suitcase to pack, a bathroom to clean, finals to finish, thank you letters to write, and somehow work at the same time! I swear this is so impossible, and i literally have no motivation at all!

Tonight I drove to Target to look at cute organizing baskets and such, but they are so expensive! I mean I'm sorry but I just cannot afford to pay almost 50$ for a cubicle to simply put the baskets in, AND buy baskets! So i left Target with nothing but tampons, Bobby Pins, and curling stuff for the hair. No motivation in cleaning with any of those things :/ I mean i know the fact that I'm about to leave for 16 days to go on vacation with my boyfriend should be motivating enough...but if you saw my's impossible.

Kay, it's time to call it a night, i have to get up and "look cute" tomorrow so i need that beauty sleep :)

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