Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I got my own personal dose of reality today. Maybe it was having to work again after 4 days off, or being faced with eventful news, or realizing how truly fake people are.

I'm so ridiculously stressed to the point in which i feel like nothing makes me happy. It's like a constant battle of trying to relax for the people around me. College is knocking at my back door, and I am so reluctant to open it. It's not that I'm particularly scared per say, I just want a moment to breathe and get my thoughts all straightened out. Everything is happening much to fast and I feel like I've lost total control of everything. I want to just lay down and sleep, forget about all the crap in life and just have one small moment for me. Life doesn't wait however, and somehow I've got to come to terms with that.

Well this entry is going to have to be short. I've got a poor neglected boyfriend to attend to.

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