Monday, May 24, 2010


Well our last night in Asheville, from here it's Orlando, FL! Can't say i'm too sad about that. :)

Being here with Drex has been a lot of fun. Getting to know his family, spending time with his mom, and knowing that no matter what he's there, has been such a blessing. I'm learning there is life behind the walls, behind the mountains, behind every tear and heartbreak, there is family waiting to love you. Sure, they don't always say just the right thing and sometimes things come out badly, but they mean well, that is evident in the way their eyes. There are many things i love in my life, God, My family, Drex, my friends, my puppy, etc. But I do not appreciate them near as much as i should. I want a semi-big family (5 kids) but I want them to be a part of both sides of the family. I want family reunions, family bbq's, I want them to feel the consuming love of every individual God places in their lives, and i want them to understand the importance of family from the start. I don't want them to learn because of an unfortunate event as i did.

On a lighter was off to the Biltmore Estate today! (Biggest house in America mind you!) It is gorgeous! We got to walk around it, but sadly we weren't allowed to take pictures inside :( or talk on cellphones...but that didn't stop some people. There are 250 bedrooms total, and 43 bathrooms. There's a pool, bowling alley, dressing rooms, EVERYTHING you can possibly imagine! I told Drex i definitely wanted a house as big as this someday, of course that is the most unrealistic thing in the world probably but oh well, totally beside the point :) I also met Douggie today! He's a catfish...which im sure isn't exciting for those who live in the lower 48, but we don't have them in Alaska and therefor they are incredible! Also at the biltmore we got to eat lunch in an original horse stall which was pretty awesome. (obviously it's been cleaned and such since but it was still pretty interesting)We then proceeded to wander through the gardens, and then go to this place called Antler Village, also on George Vanderbilt's property :)

It was Jeannies birthday today so her parents took her out to dinner and then Drex and I went swimming! Very exciting experience haha He taught me how to backstroke! (Backstroke, breaststroke, stroke of a genius!) When we left the pool it was raining...if you could even call it a rain, it was more of a warm mist. All in all the stay in NC was amazing and i can't wait to come back!

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