Monday, May 10, 2010


Finally into double digits! Whoo!
Anyways, on to today...

School is drowning me. 7 teachers, 7 classes, each giving different assignments and totally overwhelming me. I'm so ready to just quit. I don't sleep soundly anymore, instead i wake up stressed due to dreaming about school and/or work. I've gotten to the point where i lose my "cool" all the time and have to do my best to not start bawling.

(This happened today in Chemistry when i asked my teacher how to do a problem and was told it was "idiots algebra." What am i supposed to say to that? Oh yeah, thanks for calling me an idiot. Let me just go shoot myself now.)

After school however I went over to Dest's house because she was literally breaking apart. (I think we're all at breaking point nowadays) Though it was way uncool to see her upset, it was a lot of fun to hang out with her. AND to drive her around! I'm loving this whole provisional off thing!

Now that the day is coming to an end, it's just Drex and I, and the Fox and the Hound. (Arguably the best kids movie ever made!) It's funny cus we're so much more interested in anything that has to do with any sort of hound dog now that we have our Loosie. I totally forgot how sad this movie was! Poor bestfriends being seperated :( So freaking sad!

Alrighty, time to actually pay attention to the movie now!
Yay for a not so totally short blog most! I told you I'd get better!

Goodnight to all!

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