Wednesday, May 26, 2010


In these past few weeks and especially these last few days, I've learned how much I still need my mom. I used to wonder sometimes how close my mom and I would be when I moved out or went off to college, and though those things have yet to happen, I have noticed that just being on vacation without her, we're still very close. We talk on the phone everyday, and text continuously throughout it. She's still that trusted person to go to when nothing makes sense and I feel like I'm breaking apart. She cries for me, and smiles for me. She's supportive when I need her to be and brutally honest. Her love for me is so evident in my daily life and even though my mom and I have had and will continue to have our differences, I know she's there when I need to talk or need support. I hope that someday my kids will look at me like this too, and realize that I really will always be there when they need me. No matter how old I get, I'll always need my mommy.

Disney world has been great fun :) I was served breakfast in bed today (yay for room service!) which started the day on a good start. It's 88 degrees now and then sun is hot! Drex and I made the not so brilliant decision to go without sunscreen today (rather be red than white right?) so I fried, and can feel my shoulders crispening. At least I know the sun does work right?! It's so weird being 4 hours ahead of home, while we're eating dinner they're finishing lunch. Oh for the love of times zones :) alrighty well we're off to epcot!

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