Friday, May 14, 2010


You know the day is going to be good when you start it off with snuggling in bed for hours with the love of your life. :)

It truly was a great day. First, it was finally facing the fact that my baby graduated, and realizing it is all going to be okay. This is the beginning of the rest of our lives, and though some steps are harder than others (this one being a harder one) we will get through them, together. :) (Isn't he oh so handsome?)

Then to make the day all the more better I took him to dinner, (even paid for it!) and got to just relax. Dinner is definitely better when you're the one paying because you don't even have to feel bad about making someone else spend money on you! I got to get EXACTLY what I wanted, AND dessert! Talk about a win win situation :) I also got to make Drex feel cared about, I do appreciate all the dinners he's taken me to, but hey it's my turn to make him feel special, and i hope i did. (I definitely did eat one of the best French Dips in my life though! which made it about a million times better!)

From dinner it was to beluga point with Emily and Robert. They had never been there, and it's always a nice place to go and feel relaxed. Plus it's one of Drex and I's favorites :) It's funny to look back at the pictures we took there about a year ago. It's really cool to look back at us, (right) and see how happy we were than and how much our happiness has grown. It shows you just how alive that love truly is. Sometimes i see couples with that "new relationship glow" and I think 'I wish we were still like that' but then i see a picture and I can only smile because we are. We still make fun of each other, we still kiss while driving, we still cuddle at the stop lights, we still play fight :) We are still so in love, though things have changed. It's that encouragement i need to know that in the midst of change, the important things stay the same. (Left= us now)

Well it's time for a movie and then bed :) Goodnight to all!

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