Monday, May 3, 2010


Day three! I'm doing good so far! Whoo! So i was doing this project for my bible class on Taoism, and though i suppose the whole thing in its entirety dosn't make too much sense there was one concept that made me think. "As soon as you make beautiful, you make ugly." That just kind of got me thinking and it makes total sense. One day you tell some girl she looks pretty, well one of those days she's not going to look the same so in that sense doesn't that make her ugly? Oh philosophy :)

Today was Senior Fun Day (our schools equivilant of 'Senior Skip Day), so i didn't get to see Drex much :( But i also realized it's what next years going to be like...going through a whole school day not seeing him and not being able to share all the ridiculous moments or write him notes. It's crazy that small things we totally take for granted until that one day you don't get them.

However today with Drex being gone i got to hangout with Dest which was fun because it's not often we get a day to ourselves. At lunch it was icecream and chit chat and then after school Skylar picked us up and we hung out until she worked. I'm sure she'd kill me if she saw I had posted this picture on here, but i love pictures that people are totally not ready for. I think it shows the person more :) Anyways, that's Skylar and Him and Dest are one of those unofficial things. But deep down it's totally more than that. I'm happy for her though, she is learning to trust again, (whether or not she'd admit that is a wholee different story!) plus he's a really nice guy. (Though he's totally quirky and wears a trilby.) But hey whatever makes her happy right? :) We also got one of those rare opportunities to take a cute picture of ourselves!

I wish the world would just slow down and give me a chance to breathe. I need that one moment in which all time is just put on pause so i can savor every small moment. But i suppose the world doesn't slow down, it just keeps spinning ever so quickly. And if you're not careful it will spin you out of control.

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  1. Alison Boring!
    I hatee that picture. you could've atleast posted the cute one!