Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I almost forgot to post today! But I remembered and here i am :)

Today was our "senior chapel". Basically a junior picks a senior, gets up in front of the school, and talks about them. Now being a junior I had the opportunity to choose Drex, but i felt that would be uncomfortable and so i chose not to and had 2 friends do him instead.

Brittany (my younger sister), came up to me afterward and said "did you cry?" My response was "No, i think i got most of it out yesterday." It was then she said to me, "I did a little...not so much because of him graduating, but because his dad isn't here to see it."

THAT made me want to cry. (For all who don't know Drex's dad died in a car accident a few years back, thus explaining why he isn't here to share in this exciting event. ) My sister isn't an emotional person. I mean she's sensitive but not outward, and she normally will absolutely NOT share her thoughts with you, so for her to cry in public because of something much beyond her control...shows the love she has for him.

I've always known my family loves Drex. My mom refers to him as her third child, my dad (also an extremely quiet person) shows his love by a simple conversation, normally about guns or other such man-things, and Brittany shows her love by treating him just like she would an older brother, pestering him and such. I suppose though i never understood just how much they love him. I cry for him, I fight for him, I love him, and yet...they do too.

"I realized this morning that when someone dies, for better or worse, before long we are left with a few salient memories that manifest the essence of that person. That is why i know that, years from now when I think of Dave I will always remember that when he knocked on my door to visit or just say hello, his son was almost always with him."
-Smiley Shields. (Memories of Dave Adams)

Drex was his dads favorite, everyone knew it, even I who had never had the privilege of meeting Dave. How he keeps his head held high i'll never know. But i do know that His dad gave him his strength, his courage, his brains, and his love. So thank you Dave Adams, for the amazing son you have given me. Thank you for making him who he is. I owe you a million.

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