Saturday, July 3, 2010


There a million things I've learned this summer, some are small and mostly irrelevant, others are not. I've learned that just because someone might carry the label "friend" does not mean they are one. I've learned that ultimately family is much more important than friends, and that when people say friends are essential, they are wrong. Family is essential. The members in my family are my best friends. Because no matter what I do, say, or don't do, they will ALWAYS love me, ALWAYS be there for me, and NOT post comments on facebook obviously referring to me. :)


A: I miss old times with all the girls.
A: Well some :p
B: hahahaha I know exactly what you mean.

(and blah blah blah)

But thankfully, in all my lovely lessons learned this summer, I've learned that I don't need people like I think I do. I've learned I'm okay with just being ME. My family has extended a lot in the past year, I have now have three sisters, instead of just one. I have one ultimate mom figure, but another that treats me as her daughter. I have a nephew, whom I love dearly, and I have a boyfriend who has helped me get through all my tears. That family, are the people I want and need most in my life. Those people are the ones I can't do without.

Last night Drex and I drove out to Eagle River to hang out with Emily. We got Caden an exersaucer

which he obviously loves. (Actually I bought Caden the excersaucer cus I love him more than anything!) I got to read him his bedtime story, and change his diaper, and help put him to bed :) Then we just hung out and talked to Emily about basically everything for a few hours.

I also forgot to mention Drex and I celebrated our 14 months a few days ago! We made quite the painting

I love my boyfriend so much :)

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