Thursday, July 29, 2010


Preparing for our new family member.

-His first tag ever. We both love the name we chose, not to mention it looks awesome on his silver tag.

-Of course his first toy. We chose this for several reasons: He's a Border Collie which were bred strictly to herd sheep so the toy is appropriate.


It's also yellow which happens to be my all time favorite color which means I love it. AND it has an awesome squeaker so he'll love it even more.

-His new food. We're switching him from what he's on (Iams puppy chow) to what our vet recommended for Loosie when she was a puppy.

(It's kind of a bummer because Loosie JUST switched from puppy food to adult food, so for a year they will be on different foods.)

-Last but not least, a collar and leash. We opted not to get him a retractable one yet because first he's going to need to learn to walk on one period and a non retractable is easier to train him on.

I'm counting down the days until we get him. I can't wait to watch him learn and grow. I'm excited to see him and Loosie play. To see how he sleeps, whether or not he snores. I'm excited for everything a new puppy brings.

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  1. When we got Ri Ri, we bought her puppy food. But she wouldn't eat it! She wanted to eat the big dog food. So she did. (: