Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Another happy day with Caden!

The past two times we've had him we've picked him up from his sitter and then met Emily for lunch. This worked really well last time because it meant we got more sleep, and he got a real nap, so we were all in much better moods for the rest of the day. So we stuck with that plan and met Emily for lunch at Mooses Tooth. It was, of course, delicious and filled with entertaining conversation.

Afterwards we had NO idea what to do. I was emotional and angry at my mother (and family in general) and on my period, sooo I ended up screaming at Drex because we were doing nothing and needed to be doing something. (I later apologized to Caden for our bad stress handling and problem solving skills) Anyways after Caden and I both cried all our moodiness out we were ready to have fun! We decided to paint Emily a picture, (using Cadens feet) and it turned out very well! A great painter in the making :)

Drex and I also realized we were on the same page about this whole food situation!

(Looking at the Mcdonalds area in Walmart)

Drex: You know...since we haven't eaten there in so long, it looks so disgusting


I was pretty excited to discover he thought fast greasy food looked disgusting now as well!

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