Saturday, July 17, 2010


Moving to Oregon?

Well that's looking like a very good possibility at this point. My dad got a call from a guy in Portland, OR that's looking to 'trade' jobs with someone in AK. My parents sat Brittany and I down today and told us. It wouldn't be until next spring probably, but still something to start looking into. My parents are praying about it, so we'll see what happens.

In the mean time, Journeys has been really good. I learned how to tie a Skate Shoe today! Something I was really proud of, since we're a full service shoe store meaning we tie the customers shoes and whatnot, so not knowing how to tie one of our most popular styles was a little uncool. :) Thankfully I have the greatest Manager in the world and she sat down and helped me.

Tomorrow...I get to work 8 hours :/ opening until closing. ECH. But oh well, I'll suck it up and smile. Especially since it's not as bad as Payless. Not near as bad. :) Alright, time to pay attention to the wonderful boyfriend who blogged for me yesterday! :)

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