Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Today was my do absolutely nothing day.

I woke up this morning with ridiculous amounts of pain. The little monster in my stomach was eating me from the inside out. Hours later, I get my period, and the pain intensifies. ARG! I hate being a girl. My periods really normally aren't that bad, except other than a few months out of the year. This being one of those months...with lots of icky yucky miserable pain. And it's only day 1. :/

So we spent our day taking photos of ourselves.

Can you sense the boredom?

Also this whole 'eating healthy and eating in' thing is growing old...quickly. It's so exhausting having to plan ahead what we're going to eat the next day, I mean I don't know what I'll feel like tomorrow so how am I supposed to know?! Like tomorrow, we're taking Caden for the day, which means lunch with Emily, which normally is easy. Decide where to eat, meet there, eat, and go on our ways. HOWEVER since we're not eating out now we have to decide WHAT to eat, since we have to make it ahead of time, and where to eat it. Which basically means we get to eat sandwiches, but what if I don't FEEL like a sandwich?! Then what? MUST PERSEVERE. Even when it sucks right? Oh poop.

Well tonight consists of...watching the Finale for the Hills...taking more Midol...figuring out what to for lunch tomorrow...and maybe if I get lucky, relaxing...we'll see how this goes. :)

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