Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Choosing a name for a puppy is hard work! I can't even imagine the stress that goes into a name for a child! Drex and I had discussed names almost non stop for a few days. We had come up with several lists and a few we especially liked. This morning we had decided on the name 'Arrow.' Unique but still Masculine. However, Drex would accidentally call him 'Bear' (this had been another suggestion and was on our favorites list). Anyways, I didn't feel like his name was truly Arrow and Drex didn't either, but we were beyond tired of trying to pick out a name. On the way to Pet Co to make his tag, thus making his name official, I saw a car and it had the word Nitro printed on it. I read it allowed and Drex was like "I love the name Nitro!" I loved it too. It felt right, was a boy name, and it was totally perfect. So his name is Nitro (Like Nitrogen) and we're both very happy with it.

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