Sunday, October 17, 2010


So yesterday was Semi Formal :)

It began with me waking up and going to Nicole's house at 12. We took a cat to the pound...and it attacked the officials, and 6 officers had to come and try to catch it and it was SO crazy, but hilarious :) Then we drove alllll the way out to Wasilla to get a kitten, whom Nicole named Valley since we got her in the valley.

Then we drove back to Nicole's and got ready. We decided to do CRAZY curls on me, because I wanted to haha. I didn't love my hair, my bangs were to long, BUT I had SO much fun.

We took pictures before we left, and then went to dinner at Chilis.

Then it was off to semi formal. The lip syncs were hilarious, and the dessert delicious. After that Drex, Chase, Nicole, and I went back to Nicole's to watch a movie. The boys stayed there til 2am and then Nicole and I went to bed. We got to sleep in her moms huge giant cushy bed, (her mom is out of state so it was just her and I there) and her lab snuggled with me all night :) Best sleep ever! (But don't let Drex hear that).

I had a wonderful night. Better than I would have ever expected.

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