Monday, August 30, 2010


This whole 'not seeing Drex until the evening' thing isn't working well. Not because it's awkward or anything, but because he ignores me. Because I have to literally ASK him to sit next to me, or talk to me. I feel like it's a constant battle for his attention. And even when he does stop doing whatever he's doing (usually on the computer) he goes RIGHT back to it moments later.

It's just frustrating. Really Really frustrating. Especially because I don't get to see him during the day, and even less when I work. But it's like I might as well not see him at all. He's just here...and so am I....but we don't talk, or sit close. I know our relationship is fine, it's not like this is going to cause us to break up or anything. It's just that I need more than someone to just sit with me. UGH. It's so annoying!

That is all.

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