Thursday, August 12, 2010


Back to home cooking...whoo!

Tonights meal: Whole wheat pasta, ground beef, and organic pasta sauce all mixed into one! Yum! It was SO delicious, and I am NOT one for pasta.

We also spent the evening at Drexs' apartment which we hadn't done in forever. With all the business and family visiting and whatnot we really hadn't had an evening just the two of us in a really long time (well plus two dogs haha). So we spent our night watching The Transporter (#3) and the most recent Kourtney and Khloe take Miami.

Nitro has also developed the oh so disgusting habit of poop eating. (ECH!) I'm a member of a Border Collie forum based off of the ABCA website. Anyways with help we have officially switched to an all natural food recommended by LOTS of people, and I'm hoping that cures this whole icky poop eating phase.

Fingers Crossed! :)

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