Sunday, August 15, 2010


I was looking through my recent posts and I realized I haven't talked much about going back to school. (Ech!) Unfortunately it's becoming a reality so I figure I might as well talk about it.

While the rest of my school begins on the 18th, I will not be starting with them. My school does this retreat thing and though normally we get a first day we don't this year. Instead, we head straight out to retreat where we stay for 2 nights 3 days. However, I will not be attending retreat this year (yay!) and instead get to stay here, attend my class at South, work, and hangout with my beloved boyfriend who starts school on the 23rd.

I have about a million mixed feelings about starting this next school year. I won't be attending the same school as Drex, and that for one is strange to me. No seeing him at lunch, or in between classes. No safe place to rest during an argument with friends, no friendly encouragement when I'm having a bad day...It's going to be hard, but I believe we'll be okay. We have two babies together after all :)

In my sadness of not going to school with him, I also know there are positives. I get to hangout with my friends and they get my full attention. I get to feel more included in things they are discussing about during lunch because I won't be having a separate conversation.

So I'm having to remind myself, it's not all bad.

Work has been really great with my whole "back to school" thing and the latest they're having my work is 8. This will be even nicer this year as I will have class at 7:30AM. EEK! I'm nervous about my class at South. I'm scared of getting lost, not knowing anyone, what to wear, etc. But I know it'll be good for me. Especially since in a year, I'll be heading off to a new school, knowing no one.

I'm having to remind myself to take everything one simple step at a time. The year will end soon enough, and I will be done. But no need to rush much as I'd love to.

Ps. Happy 43rd Birthday Mommy :)

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