Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I did my eyebrows tonight. To most, this is probably something they do often. Not for me. I used to keep up with that kind of stuff, like this summer for instance. But school started, and so did a million issues. With those issues, I stopped caring. I felt like I was losing everything, like life was spinning out of control. But tonight I made that effort. I did my eyebrows. It's a small step, but it's a step nonetheless. It's been hard to find my way out of the rubble. It's been much too easy to sit amongst it and complain. But I refuse to do that any longer. It's time to rebuild, to reconnect, to get off my lazy butt and make something of myself. I know it's not easy, trust me, being a stranger suddenly in a school you've felt comfortable in for years, is weird. It's terrifying. It's miserable. So I'm working on building relationships and friendships with those I've been surrounded by for 6 years. Because ultimately, this is my senior year, this is my senior class, and like it or not, I'm stuck there.

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