Saturday, September 25, 2010


It's been a long week. A long, stressful, and emotional week. I'm glad tomorrow starts a new week. I'm glad today was the end of it. I hope it gets better. I really truly do.

I have to make the best of it. To still enjoy my senior year. As hard as it's going to be without them, I know I can't sit and pout. I love my class...but it's just not the same. This year doesn't hold the potential that it used to. But I have to move forward.

Unfortunately school doesn't stop. There's no pause button. Next Saturday I take the SATs again. I have to start studying. I have a vocab quiz on Wednesday. I have a test sometime this week. School goes on, and so does life. I wish it would slow down and give me a moment to sort my emotions. But it won't. So I have to deal with it, to be strong, to make the best of things. Even when it sucks.

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