Tuesday, September 14, 2010


My terrible, horrible, VERY bad day. (And Liz's 18 bday! But that's not what made it awful.)

And this is how it happened.

#1. I'm not allowed to skip school for Liz's birthday lunch. (Oh how I envy those of you suspended)

#2. I get my phone taken away. For talking to my manager. Stupidest thing ever. So the stupid teacher takes it to the office...anddd I get a detention (awesome.) and I get to freak out while I pray they don't go snooping. (Cus they're kind of like that.)

Okay so those two things made my day SUCK. (I just realized how pathetic that looks...but trust me it actually did suck)

But these made my day better

#1. Getting my nails done with my best friends. Just what I needed :)

#2. Chocolate (Thank you Mrs. Congdon)

#3. Getting oh so exciting halloween costumes with my best friend.

#4. Ordering pizza and playing video games with my boyfriend.

And that my friends is how you make a horrible day into a decent one :)

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