Tuesday, September 7, 2010


There was a time in which I used to fit in in high school. I was loud, funny, comfortable. I could talk to strangers, be totally obnoxious in class, and yet be totally okay with that. I'm not anymore. I don't feel like I fit in at all. Like I'm trapped in the skin of a high school student. Somewhere down the road, I grew up. Though I am happy about that in so many ways, there are others in which I hate it.

Part of me wishes I could still be....carefree. But reality struck me. That one moment that changed everything. It made me grow up. It made me quiet, distance, secret. The one thing that in an instance, put all the weight of the world on my shoulders. I so wish I could forget it and move on. But I can't. I never will be able to. It will haunt me, everyday, and every moment of my life.

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