Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Sometimes Drex and I forget to have fun. We get so caught up in the dogs, family, drama, school, etc. that we just do everything routinely, without a laugh or a smile. Hardly enjoying the afternoons at all. But not today. Last night we talked about it, we cried, we discussed, we talked about everything that was wrong, and that made it right. We went in not being happy and came out happy simply because we talked and had a real conversation.

So today we enjoyed ourselves. We went to Mr. Prime Beef and got the dogs some bones and us some ground beef. We went grocery shopping. We went to the apartment and made tacos, locked the dogs on the balcony with raw bones, and played Halo. We drank lots of grape soda and ate Cheetos. We blared the radio on the way home and sang along. We laughed and smiled and fell in love all over again.

I needed that, we needed that.

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